What We Do

EDD Management offers it's clients a all in one experience when it comes to managing. From event planning and organizing to handling talent bookings and request, We use our years of experience, influence, and exposure to help bring success to each project.



Bring your VISION to life!

Hosting an event can be rewarding, but also troublesome. Doing logistics, organizing talent, finding sponsors, not to mention promotion. EDD Management has over 15 years of event planning and promotions for church, theatrical, non-profit, and social events. 



Bring your DREAMS to life!

You've worked hard at your talent. Invested in it, practiced it, and now it time for the next step. EDD Management can help you bring your talent to the masses and develop a plan to widen you audience with proper promotion and exposure. Using local and national events, EDD can get you before the right people to make your dreams a reality! Click Here to see our present roster of talent.

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